furthermore-by-tahereh-mafiTahereh Mafi is vastly known for her bestselling Shatter Me series, and now she's back to take your breath away with an exciting new adventure story for the middle-graders. It's captivating, charming, and feels like a real-world fairy tale, and that's something the kids really need these days. Mafi gets a lot of her inspiration from the all-time classics that she used to read when she was a little kid, and she created a unique, one-of-a-kind world where the character is constantly hoping on a new, thrilling adventure, making friends with the most unexpected folks, and treats color as currency.

Alice, a 12-years-old girl, loves magic, color, and, of course, her Dad. Unfortunately, he's been missing for 3 whole years, and so, the little lady decides to go look for him. She loves her Father too much - even more than she loves exciting adventures, and that's why she's happy to embark on a new journey to find him.

But, she'll have to go through a lot and overcome many struggles before she can finally be reunited with her Father. Alice has no other choice but to go through the highly dangerous land known as Furthermore. It's mysterious, mesmerizing and confusing. So, in order to complete her "mission", the girl will have to use all of her wits.

The magic of love is what's guiding her, and the power of friendship is what allows her to stay alive and get her Father back home safe and sound. Furthermore is a fast-paced, uplifting, funny and beautifully written story that will be an awesome read for your children. It's both clever and entertaining, and a lush, wonderful world like that doesn't come around very often, so, keep Tahereh Mafi's brand-new book in mind the next time you visit your local bookstore!

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