Max-Your-Memory-epub-pdfA compendium of exercises, strategies, tips, and techniques to sharpen memory skills, Max Your Memory is the first visually led, memory-improving program to be fully illustrated with infographics.

Designed to improve all aspects of your memory including long-term, short-term, visual and organisational, you'll also find helpful tricks that can be applied in everyday life helping you remember all those phone numbers, faces and names that seem to slip your mind.

Second in the series, following Max Your Brain. A fun and dynamic visually-led programme packed with 200 fun exercises, puzzles, tips and strategies to boost memory power. Max Your Memory with this fun programme packed with 200 fun exercises, puzzles, tips and strategies to sharpen your memory skills.

Dr. Pascale Michelon is a research scientist at Washington University in the Psychology department where she specialises in brain fitness and memory improvement. In 2006 she founded The Memory Practice to provide adults with challenging brain exercises to keep their brain fit. She has recevied several academic fellowships and awards and she is also an Expert Contributor for special websites.



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