Aidan is full of himself: he's got a super-fit body, with that "Greek God" look, eyes to die for and a special attitude that drives the ladies crazy. Countless women have tried to tame and "domesticate" the guy, but he's just not wired that way. And then there's Abby, a sexy young lady who thinks she can change him.

He's a natural-born playboy, a bad-boy of epic proportions, but she's confident that he'll become more responsible, more mature by her side. He's used to partying like it's the end of the world and gets in bed with a different girl every night. So, how can Abby, a regular woman, make him change his ways and turn into a "regular, boring guy?" Besides, Aidan is not only planning on keeping his lifestyle intact but is also "plotting" to change Abby and make her have more fun and enjoy life instead of always worrying about all kinds of stupid stuff.

She hasn't seen much in her life, and Aidan wants to show her that everything is possible - you just gotta want it bad enough. At first, it seems like these two young people are the exact opposites of each other and that they'll never be happy together. Bu, on the other hand, they do have a lot in common, and their "confrontation" only makes things more exciting. It's like they're constantly making that fire stronger and bigger.

12 Inches is yet another must-have from Alexis Angel. She delivered a naughty standalone erotic novel with just the right combination of steaming-hot sex scenes, humor, excitement, lovely characters and a gripping plot. If you love romantic novels that turn you on in a matter of seconds, grab this book and enjoy it in your bedroom when all the lights are out and the curtains are closed...

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