Paul Auster delivered an incredibly touching, intimate novel; a journey, a stunning, mesmerizing and ambitious read. The critics are calling 4 3 2 1 his most monumental, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking book to date. This is a story of love, life, the endless opportunities that God has endowed us with and the constant struggle to stay on our feet.

Archibald, the one and only kid of the Fergusons, comes into this world in 1947. From that very moment, the boy takes four concurrent, yet completely independent roads. Made of the same exact DNA, they live parallel, but completely different lives. They all meet Amy, a breathtakingly beautiful, smart and witty girl, and they fall in love with her. But, each Ferguson has his own, unique relationship with the Amy on his path.

The possibilities are endless for the various boys, and, despite the fact that they come from the same momma and poppa, and they share the same DNA, they are not the same, and we get to follow the roads they take, feel the pain they're feeling, rejoice when they're exulting and learn something new, something important from every single one of the Ferguson boys.

4 3 2 1 is a masterfully-crafted, brilliantly-written and spellbinding novel that will fascinate you from the very first pages. Books like this one don't really come around that often, so, if you appreciate, one-of-a-kind novels that make you both laugh and cry, make sure to check out Paul Auster's best-seller. It comes with passion, dedication, a ravishing story, great characters and that elusive "recipe" that turns an OK book into a masterpiece.

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