50 Great Lessons from Life: Self-Improvement Advice Born of Experience

50-Great-Lessons-from-Life-Self-Improvement-Advice-Born-of-ExperienceOriginally written for his grown-up children, Tony Spollen now shares his 50 GREAT LESSONS FROM LIFE with a wider audience.

Simple, heartfelt, born of experience - these lessons ring true for everyone in any walk of life. Some you know already; others will be new - or will surprise you with a new twist on something you took for granted. Some are aspirational, some are fanciful, some are basic and mostly, they are one size fits all - but, above all, they are timeless advice, universally applicable. Be successful. Be healthy. Be happy. Read. Enjoy.

The beauty of Tony Spollen's book is that it is born of a lifetime's experience. This is no new age lifestyle guru simply dishing up his latest publication. This is a man who has dealt at close quarters with people all his life. He knows what makes us tick and what makes us miss a beat. In the sometimes austere, pressurised desert of the modern world, this little book is an oasis that acts like a best friend.

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