a-certain-age-by-beatriz-williamsBeatriz Williams, a brilliant author of international bestsellers, brings the wonderful 20's to life in her brand-new novel about love, hate, intrigue and gossip in NY. The readers will get to enjoy the thrilling atmosphere, rich, irresistible characters and the unmistakable splendor of the US after WW1. The historians are calling it the Jazz Age, and with it came freedom, transformation, and big hopes.

However, the old ways are still very much ruling the society, and when Mrs. Marshal from Southampton falls in love with a young captain, a gorgeous aviator and the triumphant of the war, it raises a lot of eyebrows. The man, in turn, is all about honor, and he's dedicated his life to the pretty socialite and has every intention of marrying her. Now, even though times are rapidly changing, and so are the traditions (and she does have feelings for the boy), she can't just do whatever she pleases.

A divorce for someone like Mrs. Marshal equals putting a deliberate stain on her life. So, she comes up with a different plan: her husband, a rich and respected fella, is not really against his wife's new passion, so, officially, they're still happily married. But when Ox, the woman's bachelor brother, decides it's time for him to marry a sweet little thing - the daughter of a rich man - everything starts to fall.

The first time the captain lays eyes on the girl he falls in love, and there's nothing he can do about it. And what used to be "Together forever" turns into an ugly love triangle that's destined for devastation. A Certain Age is just the perfect book for the readers who appreciate Williams's narrative, wit, twists and unique writing. They don't call her the new Gatsby just for the heck of it!

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