A-Child's-First-Book-Of-Trump-By-Michael-Ian-BlackDonald Trump is a power figure - a wealthy man, an influential businessman, and, of course, a highly successful presidential candidate. There are tons of book about Trump out there, but Michael Ian Black, a bestselling author, offers a different kind of perspective on the man. Yes, it's an anti-Trump piece of work, but, at the same time, it's super hilarious!

The main question of the book is - what should you do when you see a wild Trump hanging around in the election season and trying to get that presidential chair? One could think that A Child's First Book of Trump is a book for the kids, and that's partially true; at the same time, you'll most certainly enjoy it even if you're a grown man. It's a harmless parody on the GOP candidate, packed with all kinds of entertaining pictures and some drop-dead funny poems.

The Trump, according to Michael Ian Black, is a nasty little bugger, an unusual creature that mostly lives in the wild but comes out of there sometimes to talk to our kids. The mass media call it a billionaire, a mogul a TV host, a scandal-man, and even a candidate for the president of the US. So, a lot of children these days don't really have a clue about who The Trump really is. Truth be told, the grown-ups can't say they do either.

Is it all true what they're saying on the news? Is it a human being? But why does it look funny like that? And the biggest question is: what should you do when The Trump is spotted in your vicinity? A Child's First Book of Trump is an extravagant, bold and even a bit tactless story about The Trump - a funny creature that dreams about world domination.

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