a-cold-and-lonely-place-by-sara-j-henryFrom the award-winning author of a bestseller comes a riveting new mystery thriller that will keep you up all night. Troy, the main character of the book, is watching the constructors build the ice palace, and that's when she sees a human body in the frozen lake. The girl recognizes him as the boyfriend of her roommate!

Next, they tell her to write an article about his life and horrible death, and that's when Troy learns that he wasn't just a regular fella: no, he was the son of a rich family from Connecticut. So, she's doing her best to figure out why a wealthy man like that would come to a small village like the one he was found dead in. Soon, his sister and girlfriend reach out to her and offer their help. Together, they must find the real truth about his mysterious disappearance and terrifying death.

However, as the girls dig deeper and learn more and more facts about the case, it becomes crystal clear that some powerful people don't want them to continue digging into it. So, when Troy uncovers ancient secrets that could very well devastate this small community and shatter the lives of many of the town's residents, she doesn't really know what to do. Should she reveal the real truth, or maybe it's time for her to step back?

A Cold and Lonely Place is a suspenseful, thrilling novel that grabs the readers from the first page and takes them into a world of terror, secrets and mysteries. This is a story about love, faith, and friendship, and Sara J. Henry strongly believes that only by standing together and doing the right thing will we be able to redeem ourselves.

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