A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice Book 1)

a-cold-dark-place-toni-andersonEighteen years after her twin sister's disappearance from their bedroom, FBI Special Agent Mallory Roony has never stopped looking for the man who took her. Her job affords her acces to information on cases with similar signatures. When a case is unexpectedly resolved by an anonymous phonecall and a dead suspect, some chilling clues are starting to come together. They may have a vigilante on their hands.

It was a trade, his freedom for a contract with The Gateway Project. Ex-CIA operative, Alex Parker was not a stranger to receiving killing orders. It had been part of his job. Now it would BE his job, for an underground government organization looking to mete out quick and sure justice to the worst scum of the earth, before mistakes and bureaucracy could mess it up. He never enjoyed what he did, but didn't question it.....until he met FBI agent Mallory Roony.

Both Mallory and Alex fought against their attraction, both with very good reason, but the feeling was too unique, too special to pass up on. Mallory rather blissfully unaware of Alex' troubled conscience, is finding more evidence to suggest a vigilante has been active for a while. The closer she gets, the harder the lies become for Alex.

When the case of a serial killer is showing some eerie connections to the abduction of Mallory's sister, Alex takes the opportunity to stay as close as he can to make sure Mallory stays safe. He will do whatever it takes, even confess all if it means saving her life......although it would surely end any future they might have had...

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