Chris Hayes, a best-selling, award-winning and critically-acclaimed author and news anchor, comes with a highly important book for the modern-day Americans. This country really loves to claim that it grants every single person equal rights, but that's not really the truth. If you take a look at what's really happening, you'll see that racial inequality is still pretty bad and hasn't improved at all since Nixon declared America a post-racial community.

Hayes put a lot of effort into creating A Colony in a Nation and has spent countless hours studying history, sociology, democracy and politics. He managed to bring all of those aspects together and created a powerful message to the current generation of working Americans. He proves that the once-great US is now divided into two "factions" - the Nation and the Colony.

And he explains how a country that used to put justice above all has turned into something of a police state. If you take a look at what happened in Baltimore and other places all over America, you'll understand that those events are almost an exact match to the movements that started the American Revolution so many years ago. Hayes tracks the spike of crime that began in the 60s and reached its peak in the 90s, along with the impressive decline after that.

Racial conflicts have always been a big part of the world, and the author shares his own experiences with that and argues that fear is what drives the black folks to commit a crime and makes the white folks be biased. A Colony in a Nation is one of those books that we need our kids to study at school. Racial inequality is and always has been a big problem in America, and if we fail to put a stop to it, our children will suffer the catastrophic consequences.

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