a-darker-shade-of-magic-by-v-e-schwabV. E. Schwab is known for the exceptional Vicious - his ticket into the world of the literary elite. And now he's back with a brand-new series that will take your breath away. A Darker Shade of Magic begins this beautiful new franchise, and it's packed with adventure, magic, parallel realities and wonderful new universes. This is a thrilling, exciting read for all the fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Kell, the main character, is one of the few Travelers - magicians who possess a very rare gift: they can travel between parallel universes. Yes, they can choose to go wherever they want, but an ability like that comes with consequences. First, you've got Grey London - dirty, poor and with no magic at all. And then there's Red London - a beautiful place where magic is a part of life. White London is where the war never stops and people are constantly trying to seize control over magic itself.

Finally, back in the day, there was Black London, but it's far gone by now. Or is it? Kell is a Red Traveler, and all he has to do is carry the word of his kingdom and receive the words of the other Londons. However, he's also a smuggler and takes folks from one universe to the other. But, his treason doesn't go by unnoticed, and the official government is coming after him.

So, he runs away to Grey London, where he meets Lila, a girl who saves his life and in returns asks him to take her to a parallel universe. Together, they will have to do the impossible - save all the worlds and stay alive while doing that. A Darker Shade of Magic is a riveting, smart, fast-paced and funny novel, full of twists and turns. The characters are simply adorable, and the mighty narrative will keep you up all night.

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