Michael Connelly is a pro when it comes to mysterious thrillers and suspenseful blockbusters, and this is one of his greatest books to date. Bosch is at it again, and this time around, he's investigating a messed up case that made all the big-time celebrities in LA go crazy: the cops are accusing a movie director of killing a young actress during intercourse.

Then, the man allegedly staged it all to make the girl's death look like a suicide. Now, Bosch is the arresting officer and also the prime witness in this buzz-worthy trial that has the whole Hollywood elite excited (and scared). At the same time, Terry, a retired FBI agent, is finally enjoying his time on a gorgeous island in the middle of nowhere.

Yet, when a good-old partner asks him for a favor, he gets immediately pulled back into the hazardous world of solving crimes. He used to be the best specialist in these kinds of cases, and now it's time for him to prove once and for all that he really is the greatest asset in FBI's ranks. The investigation is going nowhere, and that is why the sheriff wants the man to take a look at it and see if he can find something important that the cops have missed.

After a quick look at the murder scene, Terry comes to the conclusion that they're dealing with a brutal killer with a big taste for ritual murders. And, as he digs deeper and deeper, trying to solve this highly disturbing killing spree, he realizes that this is probably the most horrendous case he's ever worked on...A Darkness More Than Night is a stunning mysterious thriller with a twisty plot that keeps building the tension and "explodes" at the end with a shocking finale.

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