W. Bruce Cameron, the man behind the insanely popular A Dog's Purpose novel (yep, the one that Hollywood has turned into a big-time movie hit), is back with a brand-new epic tale. Lucas is mesmerized when a cute little puppy jumps right into his arms. Now, even though there are rules against having a dog in the apartment that he's currently staying at with his mom, Lucas simply can't leave the dog stranded.

Her name is Bella, and they instantly form a connection, a deep bond that gives them both strength to keep going. Unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to keep her hidden from the nosy neighbors, so, the boy starts to take the dog into the VA, and it's there where Bella gets a chance to share her love and joy with the world. Then, when Animal Control comes and tries to take the puppy away because you can't have her breed in Denver, Luke decides to send her to a foster home.

That gives him some time to think and come up with an action plan. However, the dog is not ready to be separated from her caring owner and doesn't want to wait around. There are 400 miles of rough Colorado terrain between Bella and Lucas - there's no telling what can happen to the dog in the wilderness, but it doesn't really matter to her. She hops on a perilous yet totally rewarding journey towards home.

A Dog's Way Home is a touching story of never-dying devotion and love. It's written in a brisk, lively, engaging manner and talks about the brick-strong bonds that we share with our four-legged friends sometimes. It's safe to say that if you liked the previous bestseller by Cameron, you'll fall in love with his latest book. It doesn't even matter if you have a dog or a pet or not: the story will still move you in more than one way.

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