A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

Henrik-Ibsen-A-Doll's-House-a-playA Doll's House is a well-known play, the true masterpiece of modern art. It fully displays the brilliance of its creator's mind. In short words, a Doll's House is a modern and very realistic drama written in prose. Its main character Nora represents a symbol of human struggle with the abusive restriction of public conformity. Her main refusal is a wedding, which makes her unhappy. Marriage to Nora represents her life in a doll's house.

Those brave thoughts shocked many playgoers of the late 18th century. Instantly A Doll's House not only became the great success among the theatergoers and the public. Other playwrights became to think of this play as about some sort of starting point for their own creative work.

A Doll's House is famous for all kinds of social themes. But they are something besides them too. The play is rich with psychologically deep characters and superb dialogue. And, please, do not forget about the dynamic flow of the event.

This work asks society a question about why every woman must sacrifice herself if she doesn't want to live by the rules of our not perfect and dominated by men world. Some characters see Nora as wife and child and nothing more. And her future husband is not an exception. Nora is his own doll for his and society amusement.

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