A-Duke's-Wicked-Kiss-By-Kathleen-Bittner-RothSuri knows first-hand what it means to be abandoned and how it feels. She's set on confronting her grandmamma that pretty much tossed her away, and that's why she's on this trip from England all the way to India, where she was originally born. However, her plans change when she meets a fella who stole her heart away a decade ago.

At the same time, he's a proper duke, which means they can never be together - all they can do is dream about it. The Duke is the undercover chief of BFS (British Foreign Service), and he spent his whole life on education and training - no time for relationships, romance, and all that silly stuff. He's got a mission to complete: find and destroy the key rebels, the insurgents that made the uprising in East India happen.

They are traitors, and the British Empire is ruthless to those that oppose it. Time it ticking, and the Duke needs to act facts, otherwise, the situation might get out of hand. He meets Suri in Delhi, and this chance encounter forces him to make an impossible choice between his loyalty to the crown and his love for this wonderful girl. That kiss still feels fresh on both their lips, and they don't want to let each other go.

Suri's disgraceful fam wants to see her dead, and the insurgents in India's capital are starting a full-scale mutiny. The chaos around the lovers is turning the whole world upside down, and their love is the only thing that feels real. But can they set everything aside and do what they've always wanted to do - marry each other - or will the cold reality extinguish the fire between them? A Duke's Wicked Kiss is a moving, touching and uplifting historical romance about an all-enduring love and the obstacles that try to destroy it.

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