a-family-for-christmas-by-jordan-silverJordan Silver delivers a touching, charming and funny Christmas story that will most definitely move the ladies all over the globe. This is one of those classic stories where the Boy meets the Girl, they spend one night together and then she disappears into thin air. The guy's name is Luca, and he didn't remember that he had a nightstand with a beautiful girl - he didn't even catch her name!

However, four years later, he accidentally ran into her and met his twin babies! Yes, she was an innocent girl back then, but now she's got a family to raise, and he's going to be a big part of it. Obviously, Luca is kinda angry and scared that he's got 2 kids that he never knew about and that one careless night half-a-decade ago is about to change his life completely. He's confused and frustrated.

But, he soon realizes that it's a gift, not a curse, and starts to take care of them because he's doing pretty great and Bella - the mother of his children - is struggling to get by. As it turns out, they both needed to meet again in order to be happy. God works in mysterious ways, and, once two people who are meant to be together, reunite, life turns into a blessing. This is a wonderful Christmas story about love, loss, hope, faith, and destiny.

If you love beautiful romantic stories that one can enjoy during the long winter days, A Family For Christmas will keep you warm and cozy. Jordan Silver's brilliant writing, real, likable characters and the resonating plot will be greatly appreciated by the fans of good old classical romance with a happy ending. Besides, nothing puts you in a good mood and in the holiday spirit like a magical Christmas story, so, don't forget to get your copy at the local bookstore or online!

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