a-gentleman-in-moscow-by-amor-towlesAmor Towles delivered a smash hit with his debut novel, but this time around he's set to conquer ever higher grounds. A Gentleman in Moscow is his second bestseller and a 100% crowd-pleaser. This is a story about a man who has no other choice but to stay locked up inside a pretty amazing hotel for the rest of his life. It's 1922, and the author invites us to take a look inside post-WW1 Russia.

Rostov, the main character of the book, is branded as a "bad aristocrat" by the new Bolshevik government and they lock him up in the country's greatest hotel. Yes, he is under house arrest, but life is shaping up to be pretty decent for him, even though he can't leave the building. And while he's cozy in those 4 falls, there's a lot going on outside the windows. He's witnessing the most hectic, tumultuous years in Russian history go by him out on those streets, unable to do anything about it.

A whole new era is unfolding right in front of his eyes. At the same time, his physical limitations open up something inside of him, and he embarks on an emotional journey into his own heart and mind. A Gentleman in Moscow is a super funny, entertaining, riveting novel that comes with a mighty cast of characters, amazing dialogues, original scenes and a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Russia's rise to greatness.

It's safe to say that Amor Towles created something truly unique, especially for those readers who appreciate smart, intelligent novels that shed some light on a country's history. Furthermore, the book comes with countless adventure stories, twists, turns, romance, and so much more!

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