A-Lasting-Impression-By-Tamera-AlexanderTamera Alexander is a huge fan of historical romance, and it's safe to say that her Belmont Mansion trilogy is one of the greatest series in the genre. Claire is a striving young artist, and she dreams of creating something truly beautiful, something that will last forever and inspire people for centuries. This is what's driving her, but it's also her biggest weakness.

And when her fraud-of-a-dad betrays her, the girl is left with no other choice but to run from NO and go to Nashville. The war between the American states has just ended, but the atmosphere is still tense. On her way, she bumps into Sutton, a regular fella that doesn't tell the authorities about her. That makes her feel like he's the greatest man to walk the Earth, however, they meet again, and he refuses to lend that helping hand, leaving her disappointed in him.

Now, Claire can't go back home, and the future is dark and full of dangers. Soon, she ends up right in the middle of the state's high-stakes society and starts to believe that her dream of making a lasting impression on this world might still be a possibility. She doesn't know that Sutton is destined to become a big part of her life and that he's got his own reasons to be in Nashville.

A group of bandits killed his dad and took away his heritage. He's determined to make them suffer and pay for everything they've done to him and to his family. But, his crusade, his mighty quest for justice opens his eyes to a devastating truth that could cost him even more than he was ready to give...A Lasting Impression is a poignant, riveting, brilliantly written historical novel with a heart-wrenching love story.

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