a-life-in-parts-by-bryan-cranstonBryan Cranston needs no introductions: He's an internationally-known and favored star of Breaking Bad, the game-changing TV show that pretty much the whole world admires. However, the man did have his fair share of struggles before he became a modern-day superstar. And A Life in Parts is his honest, deeply personal, funny and inspirational autobiography, or, rather, a memoir.

Bryan's brilliant writing style makes you feel like you're sitting right next to the man and chatting about the state of things, creativity, the latest news, devotion - you name it. Not a lot of folks know that the future Mr. Heisenberg got his first-ever role when he was just a 7-year-old boy - his dad landed him a role in a commercial. He knew from an early age that he was destined to become an actor, but, when his father suddenly disappeared, the world came crashing down on Bryan.

In this book, the author shares his intimate life story and the experiences that he had to deal with. He was, in fact, abandoned by his dad, but it didn't break him - on the contrary, it made him stronger. Back in the day, long before Mr. Cranston amazed the public with his performance in Breaking Bad, he used to work as a paperboy, a security guard, dock loader, and even - wait for it - a dating consultant.

Furthermore, he even was a murder suspect a while ago, but today he's a loving, caring husband and father. A Life in Parts is a tremendously rewarding memoir that's got all it takes to become an international bestseller. Cranston is as honest, open, hilarious and charming as ever, and this book will be a wonderful gift to all the fans of the man's acting skills.

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