a-life-well-played-by-arnold-palmerLadies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to A Life Well Played, an instant international bestseller by Mr. Arnold Palmer. It's like the man's parting gift to the fans and the entire world, a treasure chest full of hilarious anecdotes and down-to-Earth wisdom that will be equally uplifting and useful for the golfers, simple folks, celebrities, and presidents.

This is a celebration of life, a celebration of the beauty that is all around us - we just need someone to show it to us, and Palmer is just the right guy for the job. It's safe to say that no other person in the world has had a bigger influence and impact on golf and the fans of the sport than this man. Besides, the critics are calling Palmer the greatest golf player in the history of golfing, a true hero of the United States, an icon and a legend.

All the praise is well due, because, again, nobody can even stand close to this player when it comes to dedication, passion, the number of wins and overall charisma. And A Life Well Played is a wonderful journey into the man's life and the many amazing experiences that he wants to share with the readers. Even if you're a big-time fan, there are still a lot of facts that you don't know.

Furthermore, Arnold's amazing writing manner will make even the most famous stories look and sound more engaging, personal and a lot funnier. This book is much more than just a golf manual. It's about people, about love, hope, giving back and staying humble even when you're the greatest golfer on planet Earth. Arnold Palmer proves ones again that he's just as awesome off the court as he is on it.

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