Saroo, a fascinating young boy, used an Internet app to track his childhood house and to relieve the early days of his life in a mesmerizing, miraculous trip from India all the way to Australia. Next, he wrote A Long Way Home, and it became a world-wide hit. Then, the Hollywood honchos turned it into a mighty movie with the biggest names in the world. So, how did it all begin, anyway?

Saroo was just a kiddo, a tiny boy when he got stranded on a speedy train in the middle of nowhere. Back then, he couldn't write or read. Furthermore, the lad didn't even know his own family of where his abode was. He had to survive on his own, with no grown-ups to take care of him. The harsh streets of Calcutta are as unwelcoming as they come, but, luckily, kind folks made sure that a lovely couple from Australia found the boy and adopted him.

Thus, they ended his nightmares and made him a part of a big, happy family. Yes, Saroo was more than grateful for everything that his new mom and dad did for him, but he could never stop wondering about his hometown and his real family. So, when Google's Earth feature came around, it gave him a chance to at least try and find that needle in a gigantic haystack.

The satellite images were helpful, but he had to wake something up his own mind, to trigger some memories, otherwise, the complex Indian terrain would never be able to give him the answer he was so desperately looking for. Fortunately, one fine day, after months of failure, he finally found it and embarked on a life-defining journey. A Long Way Home is a touching, moving, emotional and exciting true story of a little boy's survival and his quest to find his origins.

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