a-lowcountry-heart-by-pat-conroyA Lowcountry Heart is a very special book, as it comes with Pat Conroy's final words, memories, and wisdom. And, it's got some heartfelt notes from the bestselling author's many friends. The brand-new masterpiece includes some of the best interviews, speeches, articles in all kinds of publications, and, of course, letters from the man's life-long career.

By the way, most of these letters are addressed to us, the readers, and the fans will immediately recognize his trademark sense of humor and amazing writing manner. Mr. Conroy talks about pretty much everything that bothers him on a regular day on God's good Earth, like his most memorable recent reads, how he motivates himself to hit the gym, and how he copes with losing his best friends and loved ones.

A Lowcountry Heart is a fascinating window into the world of Pat Conroy, one of the greatest American writers ever. This is a unique opportunity for the readers to learn about the man's dreams, hopes, and everything in between. The book includes a breath-taking intro from his widow, Cassandra, and every single page of it honors the legendary writer's legacy and his way of living.

Furthermore, this fine collection has a whole chapter full of wonderful memories of the man, told by his dearest friends, relatives, and loved ones. So, if you're a Pat Conroy fan, this touching, moving tribute will forever have a place in your heart. This man was truly exceptional at what he did, and, thanks to A Lowcountry Heart, the whole world will be able to remember him exactly the way he was - loving, caring, full of joy and happiness.

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