A Man Called Ove: A Novel by Fredrik Backman

A-Man-Called-Ove-A-Novel-by-Fredrik-BackmanOve is not an ordinary man. He is a grumbler. There are many people he dislikes and he talks about them as about cracker he caught red-handed hear his house. Ove lives by very strict principles. Even the kindest men and women say that this man is like a "bitter neighbor from hell". But maybe people are wrong. Maybe it is a reason why Ove's face is never smiling?

Yes, the facade of this unsociable man is very cranky. But if you will try to know Ove better, you will find plenty of sorrow in his life. The true nature of the Ove finds out a talkative family with 2 bright daughters, whose move in next door of the old grumbler's house. It was November morning when they unintentionally crushed the mailbox of their grouchy neighbor.

A Man Called Ove is not a story about bad neighbors, it is a touching, sincere, and a little bit funny tale. Moreover, this creation of Fredrik Backman tells you about unexpected and very strong friendship, untidy cats, unexpected, etc. You even will know about an old and the ancient skill of backing up a U-Haul. The grouchy Ove will be changed at the end of the book. And the local residents’ association will be changed too.

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