A-Mother's-Confession-By-Kelly-RimmerKelly Rimmer is known for delivering heart-warming and heart-breaking romantic/dramatic novels that always inspire, motivate and give some food for thought. A Mother's Confession is an incredibly intimate, honest, gripping and touching book that will definitely make it into your list of all-time favorites. It's also quite an emotional read, so, if you're a sensitive person, you'll be crying tears of pain and joy on pretty much every page!

Olivia's husband killed himself, and now she's left with a terrifying choice to make: either tell the real truth about what happened and devastate what's still left of her family, or keep it buried deep inside. The secret till tear her apart, though, as it's kinda impossible to hide it. So, what's it gonna be?

Before the nightmares, David was just the perfect husband, and together with Oliv, they had a bright, promising future ahead. And when Zoe, the adorable kiddo came around, their wonderful world became even more magnificent. But now it's all gone and the dreams are dead - along with David. Ivy, Olivia's mother-in-law, lost her son, so, it's hard on her as well.

The two women are hiding secrets about the guy, and these secrets are putting the whole fam in real danger. The truth is - something was wrong in their marriage - terribly wrong. But how can Ivy and Olivia overcome their deepest fears and open up about the truth? What if it demolishes the family and they will never be able to bring back what they had? A Mother's Confession is a moving, gut-wrenching novel about true love, loss, secrets, lies, betrayals and the devastation that they can cause.

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