A-Noble-Masquerade-By-Kristi-Ann-HunterA Noble Masquerade is the very first novel in the bestselling Hawthorne House series. The author of this wonderful book, Kristi Ann Hunter, tells the story of Lady Miranda, a young girl who's trying to be a "proper lady" but dreams of being bold, honest and stress/care-free. In the eyes of the people around her, she's a lonely young woman who needs to find a man ASAP, but she's not really concerned about all that. She just writes about everything that bothers her, her deepest and most intimate thoughts and hides them all in letters to an old friend - a duke.

However, she never even thinks about sending them to him, a man she barely knows. At the same time, her brother's new valet captures her attention and opens up something new in her soul. Now, despite the fact that she does want to be like a bird, do whatever she wants and break free from everything that's trying to bind her, loving a simple servant and possibly running away with him sounds ridiculous even to Lady Miranda.

She wants to be a rebel, but not to that extent. Soon, Marlow, the servant, finds one of the many letters and sends it to the duke, which makes Miranda both offended and humiliated. However, she could never expect that the duke would send her his own letter, offering a courtship by mail!

So, now the lady is trapped between two men - one that she knows pretty well and depends on, but who's starting to act stranger by the minute, and another man she's never met but already feels connected to. Big-time state secrets and her family's future are at risk, and Miranda will have to figure out once and for all: which man does she want to be with and what are her actions. A Noble Masquerade is a charming, kind, hearty romance story that's both adventurous and wildly entertaining. A must-have for the fans!

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