a-perfect-score-by-kathryn-hallA Perfect Score is a wonderful book from Kathryn and Craig Hall, an amazing couple who spent about 2 decades studying the fascinating world of wine. They went from amateur fans (and makers) of wine to world-esteemed makers/producers, and they've got critics from all over the world praising them for their amazing taste and never-dying passion. This incredible story begins with the power couple buying an 1885 winery and putting their hearts, minds, and souls into it.

They did that 20 years ago, and, since then, they delivered ground-breaking HALL and WALT wines that quickly became hugely popular in Cali and all across the United States. Furthermore, they won an unbelievable number of prestigious international awards and changed the wine industry forever. Their legacy can never be overrated, as they managed to make their fresh, unique, uplifting ideas and recipes work in the harsh, commercialized world that we currently live in.

A contemporary winery has to go through a lot of struggles and overcome millions of minor setback before it can rise to the pedestal. Well, that's exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Hall did! The bottom line is - if you appreciate a good glass of wine on a nice Friday evening and want to learn more about exceptional winemakers that set the trends in the industry right now, A Perfect Score will be a great way to spend your weekend.

Dive into a world of enthusiasm, passion, gifted people and amazing achievements while enjoying that delicious glass of HALT wine. The book comes with an inspiring story about following your dreams and making it in this big, scary world, tons of funny jokes/anecdotes, and an easy, down-to-Earth exploration of all the nuances involved with winemaking.

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