A-Quiet-Life-In-The-Country-By-T-E-KinseyLady Hardcastle is a historical mystery series with that trademark British humor that will have you laughing out loud on pretty much every single page. T E Kinsey, the author, created a whole movement with this best-selling trilogy, and A Quiet Life in the Country, the very first chapter, sets just the perfect mood for a relaxing and entertaining evening read.

Emily is a prudish and prissy lady - a widow - and she's hiding the real truth about her past. Florence, her trusty maid, and BFF is a pro when it comes to martial arts. It's 1908, the rise of the 20th century, and the lovely couple has just moved from UK's capital to the suburbs (the country, to be more precise), hoping to find a nice, peaceful life there. However, destiny comes running after her, and the poor lady is robbed of her long-awaited retirement.

The police found a dead body in the woods, and the investigation is getting it all wrong. Hardcastle starts her own quest and it soon becomes clear that this woman knows a whole lotta more about this tragedy than she's telling the cops. A mighty web of intrigue, conspiracies and betrayals is waiting for the lady and Flo to unravel, and it's gonna take every last bit of their wit, smarts, and dedication.

It's safe to say that every man, woman, and child in the vicinity could be involved with the crime, and that means there's no more peaceful and quiet life in the country. So, will Emily be able to figure out who the real killer is and bring everything back in order, or is this case just above her pay grade? A Quiet Life in the Country is a highly entertaining, exciting and hilarious historical novel for the true fans.

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