a-room-with-a-view-by-em-forsterE. M. Forster, a world-esteemed, wrote A Room with a View back in 1908, more than a century ago. This is a story about the ups and down of a young girl who's forced to struggle with her day-to-day life in the 20th-century England. The story is set both in the UK and in Italy, and the author criticizes the faults of the UK society, which made the book something of a revelation in its time.

Today, in the 21st century, the critics are calling it one of the greatest books in English in the 20th century, and that means that it's a must-have for all the fans of critically-acclaimed novels. By the way, the 1985 film adaptation became a huge hit and won more than a few awards. As for the book, the main message, or, rather, the main themes include sensual awakening, first love, growing up in a harsh reality, the becoming of a young girl, religion and its role in "creating" an honest, honorable human being.

A Room with a View is considered to be the most romantic and "happy" book by Forster, as it's not burdened with deep psychoanalysis, horrors, and impossible pain. At the same time, the author did talks about numerous issues of the 20th century, mainly in politics and society. There’s a lot of insight on the difference between radical thinking and traditional thinking, and that's partially why A Room with a View is often called one of the most important and influential novels by an English writer.

It draws a detailed, definitive picture of the ways and traditions that were dominant 100 years ago, and from a historical point of view, that's priceless. With that said, A Room with a View is still a pretty awesome romantic novel that will be perfect for a relaxing evening read.

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