a-scot-in-the-dark-by-sarah-macleanSarah MacLean, a bestselling author, is a fan of short-but-powerful stories that instantly grab the reader's attention and come with a mighty bunch of twists. A Scot in the Dark, the second installment in her popular Scandal & Scoundrel series, includes three separate tales that are equally gripping and entertaining. The first one is about Lillian, a girl who spent most of her life living alone, dreaming about love, passion, and relationships.

So, when a mysterious artist promises her all kinds of amazing journeys and asks her to pose for a shocking portrait, she agrees without even thinking it through. However, the lying bastard humiliates her and moves on without even looking back. And now, when everybody has seen the disgraceful painting, the girl turns to the one and only person who might save her dignity and help her live through this tragedy.

The second story is about a duke who despises everything that comes with an "English" tag on it. Furthermore, he hates the aristocrats and wants nothing to do with them. And he doesn't even care that the Scotsman is now ruling what is known as the most amazing dukedom in Great Britain. The duke still doesn't want to hear about it, especially when he learns that there are a lot of responsibilities that come with the title.

And finally, Tartan is a tale about Mr. Warnick, a man who came to London with only one thing in mind - to get his daughter married and leave her to be someone else's burden. All he wants is to get back to his quiet life back at home. But Lilly, the girl, refuses to marry somebody she doesn't love...A Scot in the Dark is a funny, highly entertaining and educational collection of stories that will make your day!

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