This is Jimin Han's debut novel and one of the most powerful, stunning books of the year. It's a wonderful sunny day in Pennsylvania, and a crazy man is holding Yoona, a freshman, along with 3 of her friends as a hostage in her own dorm. Lloyd, the guy with the gun in his hand, used to be the girl's friend, and he's devastated after he heard that a terrible accident took the life of his best buddy, who was also the one and only boy that Yoona has ever loved.

And while Lloyd is holding a gun to her head, Yoona goes through her own life and revisits her past, trying to figure out a way out of this mess. She grew up in the rough reality of an abusive household; then, Korea was shattered by social unrest; and finally, she fell in love - accidentally.

She will have to face the real truth about that horrible day when Jaesung died; otherwise, she might just follow him into the abyss. A Small Revolution is a brilliant novel, a thought-provoking, a life-defining story of love, hate, redemption, and happiness. The protests in South Korea, the consequences of a nightmarish childhood and the beauty of falling in love for the first time come together to create a moving, touching and game-changing tale about fear and hope.

If you appreciate books that raise important questions and try to find the right answers to them and authors that are not afraid to confront the issues of the modern-day world, A Small Revolution will be a perfect fit in your library. And this isn't a "boring" social exploration: Han's debut is just as gripping and page-turning as the best mystery thrillers out there, so, grab a copy and dive into the restless reality of our world.

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