a-torch-kept-lit-by-william-f-buckley-jrPlease give a warm welcome to Mr. William F. Buckley Jr., an award-winning author who's back with an amazing new historical book where he sheds some much-needed light on the biggest figures of the previous century. The man does it with brilliance, so, this isn't just another collection of stories put together for the heck of it. No, A Torch Kept Lit is a powerful, fundamental, and, above all, an exciting trip down the memory lane.

We all know and love Buckley as a unique, riveting writer and a strong social figure in the modern-day society. He personally knew the best of the best, the leaders of the American community and always managed to keep a conservative, objective point of view. Reagan himself called WFB one of the greatest and smartest journalists of the 20th century, and the ex-president wasn't one to give out kudos at every turn.

First of all, William is the founder and owner of National Review; second, he's running the Firing Line show. But, his life-long job is to reflect on the most important things that happened, happen and will happen in the United States and to celebrate humanity whenever and wherever he sees it. So, A Torch Kept Lit is a very special book, as Buckley is finally ready to share his own opinion of the most influential folks of his time, including presidents, celebrities, rock stars, scientists and everyone else in between.

The book comes with over 50 eulogies by Buckley, which basically are sets of his own memories and correspondences. Now, if you even wanted to learn the real, "human" truth about the likes of Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King, or, say, Churchill, make sure to grab a copy of this book!

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