abandon-by-blake-crouchBlake Crouch is a brilliant writer who knows exactly how to appeal to a wide audience and always brings excitement and thrill with his bestselling books. The story begins in 1893: it's Christmas, and while the whole world is celebrating, a small gold-mining town in the middle of nowhere "loses" all of its residents. That's right - every single man, woman, and child disappear into thin air, leaving behind their stuff, food on the stoves, and more.

That was one of the most mysterious cases in history, and 116 years later, a history professor and his daughter, a journalist, hire 2 guides that are ready to take them to that infamous mining town. And, while they do want to figure out what really happened on that day, that's not the only thing they're after, as another group of folks disappeared recently.

Not long ago, another team of scientists and researchers tried to learn the real truth behind the story, but nobody has heard from them ever since. Naturally, the folks are calling the area a haunted place and nobody's brave enough to investigate it, not even the local cops. Soon, the group will learn that they are, indeed, not alone in the town and that the past is here to reclaim what's rightfully its.

They are 20 miles away from the real world, and a mighty blizzard is about to hit. Will they be able to survive the terror that's coming their way, or maybe this was their last trip? Abandon will keep you on your feet with its suspenseful, action-packed and gripping story. Blake Crouch created a grabbing, riveting mystery thriller that will linger on and on. This writer seems to always have a couple of trumps up his sleeve, and that's what makes his books stand out from the "crowd".

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