accidental-saints-by-nadia-bolz-weberNadia Bolz-Weber is a wildly popular writer in the 21st century, and she's always been encouraging folks to follow the Christian way of living and to enjoy spiritual growth on a daily basis. Accidental Saints is her latest bestseller that asks us all a provocative question: what if that man/woman that you've been trying to avoid is actually your soulmate, or, at least, your best shot at being truly happy?

Nadia knows exactly how to talk to the readers to get them excited enough to stick around for the sometimes complex yet important discussions. We, the human beings, are used to thinking that God Almighty will only appear to us in the form of a graceful woman or an honorable man, but the truth is - sometimes The Lord shows up in the people that you least expect.

They don't have to be perfect of even likable, but that's not even the point. Every single person on planet Earth needs God's guidance and all we have to do is let Him guide us through the dark forest. Unfortunately, it's kinda hard to recognize the signs from the Heavens. Fortunately, we've got Nadia Bolz-Weber's brand-new bestseller to help with that.

Today, in the 21st century, many are disappointed with Christianity, and that's exactly why books like Accidental Saints are vital in the modern-day society. They show that when we get together, share stories, lend a helping hand and confide in each other, we become stronger, happier and closer to our Heavenly Father. The critics are calling Nadia a profound, fundamental religious voice that's doing a fantastic job of spreading God's word among regular struggling folks.

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