Jamie Beck created an internationally-known franchise with the Sterling Canyon series, and, if you love romantic novels with a little bit of drama and a little bit of humor, then you'll most definitely fall for Accidentally Hers, the very first book in the "roster". Grey, a good-looking, successful gentleman, arrives in Sterling after he purchases Backtrax - a ski expedition business - and decides to start his own enterprise.

Romance isn't a part of his big plans, but it does come looking for him. All he cares about right now is making it in the biz. At the same time, while in a crowded place, he does check out this beautiful young woman. He calls her "Bambi" and thinks that he'll never think of her again. However, everything changes when a drunk driver hits him that same night.

Avery is a physical therapist, and she's more than surprised (shocked, rather) when Grey turns out to be the man her bruv hit with his vehicle. And when he comes knocking at her clinic's door looking for help, sparks start to fly. Yes, the two instantly fall for each other, but their passion is threatened by the reality of life.

Grey's whole livelihood could be compromised, and he's forced to make hard choices that could very well affect the girl he cares for and her lovely family. Avery also has to make a series of tough decisions, and, if they fail to make the right moves, they'll both end up regretting they ever met. On the other hand, their love is worth risking it all for. Accidentally Hers is about true love, passion, heartache and so much more. If you're looking for a dirty slash sizzling-hot erotic romance, this book will be a disappointment. But, if you're a sucker for good old romantic stories, Jamie Beck will make your day!

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