Cooper is in love with Ella, his roommate - has been for a very long time. Unfortunately, she has no clue about the guy's feelings and keeps on treating his like a "buddy", nothing else. Coop has spent countless days and nights trying to unfreeze himself and work up the courage to tell her how he really feels, but something is always making him reconsider.

It's pretty hard for a fella like him to want her for so long and not be able to claim her. Besides, life is known for complicating things in the most unusual ways, and it keeps interfering with his plans. Now, Cooper is not some shy weirdo slash nerd: no, he's a ripped, shredded bad-boy-looking man who knows how to handle himself and is successful with the ladies.

But Ella is his one and only girl in the world, and, the longer he waits, the further she seems to be slipping away from him. At the same time, more and more guys are circling around her, trying to claim the beauteous dame for themselves. One time, someone almost managed to take her away from Cooper. Luckily, it never panned out. Still, he needs to act fast; otherwise, it might be too late for him.

And who knows, maybe Ella will finally see him as something more than just a good friend and will fall in love with him too? Penelope Marshall and Tia Lewis are back, ladies and gentlemen, and it's safe to say that whenever these two fine ladies link up, something great always happens. Addicted To You is what you would call a perfect getaway romantic novel to enjoy on the weekend. It's funny, engaging, and entertaining. If you love epic love stories that are destined for happy endings, grab your copy and rejoice!

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