After-Shes-Gone-By-Lisa-JacksonBack when they were teenage kids, Cassie and her sister, Allie, had to go through something horrible: a crazy man tried to murder their mother who used to be a Hollywood actress. And that's why Cassie decided to move to Los-Angeles and leave Oregon behind. She convinced Allie to join her, and together they started a new life. But, while the elder sister was only trying to make it in acting, Allie became a star in a blink of an eye! That's amazing news, only now her double was brutally killed on set of a new movie and Allie is missing.

The police start an official investigation, and suddenly Cassie becomes one of the main suspects as the ever-jealous sister who couldn't bare her own failures while Allie was turning into a mega-star. The mass media pictures her as the villain, and Cassie gets stuck in a psych ward. She's starting to see a mysterious figure at her bedside who's talking about her sister. Is someone really trying to help out, or has she gone mad?

Cassie is convinced that she's Allie's one and only chance, she leaves the hospital and tries to conduct her own investigation. But several horrifying murders where each victim looks a lot like somebody close to Cassie, frighten her to death and makes her second-guess her own sanity. With each new murder, she realizes that she can't trust anybody, even herself.

Lisa Jackson's brand-new novel is an exemplary thriller, one of those books that fully grab your attention and make you feel like you're a part of the story. Suspense, tension, horror, breath-taking discoveries - that's what After She's Gone is all about, so, if you appreciate a story that will bring a bit of that thrill into your live, you already know what book to buy next!

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