Alice is devastated: Justin, the man of her life, dumped her on their honeymoon, without a rhyme or reason. The only thing that he left his bride with was a mysterious note. He broke her heart and destroyed her life, and the worst part is - she has no idea why. It's hard enough to deal with the embarrassment or the looks that folks give her on every step of the way, but the pain of him being away from is simply unbearable.

Thankfully, when Evelyn, a beautiful and gracious woman, comes into her life, something strange happens. She just walks into the gallery where Alice works and the seemingly accidental encounter soon turns into a revelation. Evelyn has a story to tell, a heart-wrenching one, and, the more Alice learns about the woman's life, she more similarities she finds to her own.

Next, the heroine decides to dig deeper and find out the real truth behind Justin's actions. However, even though the questions are quite straightforward and obvious, the answers aren't that satisfying. What really happened that day and how can Alice fix everything? Is there even a chance for them to get back together, or is it all in the past now?

Regardless, the abandoned girl is set on uncovering the truth, even if that would require her to leave everything she knows and loves behind. After You Left is a wise, educational, thought-provoking and moving story about a woman's tragedy and the little things that help her find her way back to happiness. By telling the parallel stories of both Alice and Evelyn, Carol Mason created a riveting and entertaining novel that you can finish in one go.

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