Danielle Steel is back, ladies and gentlemen, and she's brought a riveting new bestseller along. Against All Odds is a wonderful dramatic novel that's equally moving, poignant and educational. Kate's fancy resale shop has been doing pretty great, allowing the young woman and her four children to get by after the man of the house passed away. Now, they're all grown up and ready to step into the big, scary world.

Isabelle is a gifted attorney, but when she falls in love with a client, that puts her future at risk. Can she sort through all the obstacles and find happiness with this man? Julie, in turn, gets enchanted by a near-perfect man and marries him at a way too young age. She leaves her promising job, the routine that she knew and loved and moves with him to LA.

Was it all worth it, though? And what is the man hiding behind his picture-perfect life? Justin, on the other hand, is struggling with finances. He's a writer, but success is not quick to arrive. Finally, Willie, the youngest kid and a big fan of techy things, shocks the whole family when he tells them about his intentions for a woman that's 12 years older than him.

Kate is a loving, caring mother, but she can't stop herself from thinking that her children are on a crash course against life. It's not that easy to beat the odds - what's gonna happen when they all lose in this fight against reality? No matter what she does, Kate can't protect her kids from the choices they make...Against All Odds is one of those poignant and thought-provoking dramatic novels that give you a different perspective on your life and allow you to rethink every single choice you’ve made.

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