A gifted FBI profiler was confident that he was dealing with just another case of a big fan of The Ripper who's roaming the dark corners of London looking for his prey. But, he was wrong. The criminal turns out to be a fae, and he's capable of disappearing into thin air without living a single trace behind. But hey - he is a profiler with the Bureau, which makes it his job to successfully track the murderer and to bring him to justice.

At the same time, one of the prime suspects, a dangerously attractive fae, is trying to put her spell on him and enchant and/or kill the guy in cold blood. However, the man doesn't get spooked away that easily, and he is determined to figure this case out no matter what, even when the city begins to panic amidst the chaos and the dear old cops call him a suspect in a new case.

Soon, when the brave profiler gets closer to the real killer, he becomes witness to a shadow kingdom that looks and feels like nothing he's experienced ever before. In this realm, he's the prey, and the hunter is circling around him, getting ready to attack at any moment and deliver that deadly blow. A well-trained and witty FBI agent vs. otherworldly magic? Does he stand a chance?

Well, what about the fact that he has his fair share of well-hidden magical powers? That's right - he's not your average profiler, and if the man wants to live to see another day, he'll have to learn to control his magic and use it to his own advantage. Agent of Enchantment is like a breath of fresh air in urban fantasy and will be greatly appreciated by the fans of the genre. If you love engaging stories about dark magic, shadow worlds, and big-time conspiracies, this book's for you!

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