alaska-wild-by-helena-newburyKate, the main character of Alaska Wild, falls in love with Mason the second she lays her eyes on him. He's a big, strong, handsome man, and everybody seems to have his/her own story about him. He's a modern-day American hero, an ex-navy SEAL. And, he's a criminal. Finally, the guy is a mountain man who doesn't care about a soul in this world and hasn't spoken to anyone for a very long time.

However, when the plane that Kate's on crashes somewhere in the middle of the wilderness in Alaska, Mason instantly becomes her only hope for survival. Yes, he's a fugitive, and she's an agent with the Bureau, but she has no other choice but to trust him and to let him lead the way. Otherwise, she won't survive the harsh terrain, brutal weather, and deadly animals. So, she's forced to stay close to him, and every time he touches her, it feels like something's changing inside of her.

She simply can't resist him, especially when he looks at her as if he wants to rip her clothes off and make her his woman. Could it be that Mason is innocent and somebody framed him? Maybe Kate can help him let go of the horrible past and move on with his life? She's a city girl - always has been - but there's not much use for that in the wilderness. The FBI agent will have to learn to be as wild as her dashing partner.

Soon it turns out that the girl isn't the only survivor of the crash: another prisoner from the plane is somewhere out there with his band of cutthroats, and they're coming after her. Mason and Kate will have to work together in order to fight the bandits off and stay alive. Alaska Wild is a 100% page-turner, and the killer combo of non-stop action, a mighty plot and rich characters will get you hooked up in no time.

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