Welcome to 1777, NY. The American Revolution is well on its way, but the serene life of the New York elite is just as luxurious as ever before. The servants are flying around, getting ready for the city's biggest and most expensive event: the grand ball conducted by the Schuylers. They are proudly calling themselves one of the founding families of their country.

But the three dashing daughters are the real "bait" at the ball. All beautiful, witty, intellectual and good-hearted, these young women are casting huge shadows over all the other femme fatales. Angelica is as smart as they come, while Peggy can seduce even the most experienced and hard-boiled men. And finally, there's Eliza, who's even more attractive and noble than her sisters. However, she's not a big fan of these kinds of social events and would rather be out there on the field, helping the colonists.

But, when she learns that Mr. Hamilton is to arrive in NY, she becomes super excited. He's a mysterious, handsome and extremely talented man - the right hand of Mr. Washington himself. Now, even though he brought bad news from the front, the Schuylers welcome him with respect and honor, which is a big step-up for an orphan boy.

That night, Alexander first meets Eliza, and they instantly fall in love with each other. Without a doubt, their majestic love story changes the United States once and for all. Alex and Eliza is a fascinating novel about the all-conquering love between one of the greatest men to ever walk the Earth - Alex Hamilton - and the lovely Elizabeth Schuyler. If you're a young adult reader and love historical romance of epic proportions, make sure to check Melissa de la Cruz's latest bestseller out.

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