Alexander-Hamilton-By-Ron-ChernowRon Chernow, a bestselling and award-winning author, created the most comprehensive, complete biography of the great Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. This man single-handedly shaped, inspired and gave life to America as we know it today. You can't really overrate Mr. Hamilton's influence on this nation, and Ron Chernow did a marvelous job of telling a truly fascinating story of a regular man who had been struggling for all his life, trying to support and give hope to the American people.

This is a monumental, full-length portrait of the most charismatic, driven, ambitious founder to ever walk the Earth. It's safe to say that Alexander Hamilton is one of those historical figures that are always in the center of attention and we debate over his rights and wrongs to this very day. At the same time, he's also often misunderstood and people can't really understand what the man was all about.

Thankfully, Chernow's latest book gives Mr. Hamilton a "fighting chance" with pure facts. Bottom line is - the United States would never be as great as they are today without Hamilton's sacrifices and bright ideas. Back in his time, very few people had the same genius ideas on how to push this country to the limit, and Hamilton had to constantly deal with ignorant folks at the top of the government elite.

He was a brilliant man, and without his legacy, America would just be another regular country. By the way, Hamilton was an orphan, born somewhere in the Caribbean, however, he still ended up being the Founding Father of this great nation and one of the brightest minds of his time. Alexander Hamilton is a marvelous book, a profound, honest, maybe even a bit shocking biography of one of the greatest Americans in history.

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