Celia is running from her life: after the cops arrested her future hubby right on the eve of their "lovely" wedding, she was devastated and humiliated, so, all the poor girl could think of was hopping aboard a gorgeous cruise ship and heading out into the ocean. Soon, she became friends with Lady Em, an insanely rich 86-years-old woman with a priceless necklace that she wants to give to the Smithsonian after the trip.

However, three days after the departure, the woman is found dead in her room, and - naturally - the necklace is missing. So, the big question now is - who's the killer? Was it Brenda, someone who's been Lady Em's assistant for quite a lot time now, or maybe it was Roger (a lawyer) and his spouse, both of whom joined the cruise by her invitation?

Then there's Mr. Longworth, a professor, and Mr. Davidson, a mere guest aboard the gorgeous ship who wishes to spread his dead spouse's ashes at the ocean. Yep, the list of possible suspects is pretty huge, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Celia, along with the Meehans, her brand-new BFFs, is trying to find the murderer on their own, without giving much thought to the fact that she's deliberately putting her like at risk.

No one knows where the threat will come from, and there will be a lot of drama on the ship before it finally reaches the shore. The critics are calling All By Myself, Alone, the greatest mystery thriller by the world-acclaimed Mary Clark. If you love suspense, tension, and a whole lot of thrill, this brand-new bestseller will keep you up all night. Just make sure not to be late for work the next morning!

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