all-the-galant-men-by-donald-strattonWe don't get many war memoirs, simply because it's really hard to write them. War is a horrible thing, and the few that survive it, prefer to keep all the horrors to themselves. But some of them are brave enough to speak up and to talk about what really happened back when they were giving their lives to defend their countries and their loved ones.

Donald Stratton is a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor, one of the few living men on board of a legendary battleship. This is an epic, powerful, touching and thought-provoking book, an instant bestseller and proof that the American soldiers did everything in their power to fight the bad guys and to protect the things that they held dear. It all started back in 1941, on December 7: Donald was a seaman on the battleship, and 15 minutes after the surprise attack by the Emperor's forces, his battle station on the USS Arizona was shredded to pieces.

He nearly escaped death, but the fire damaged 2/3 of his entire body. He was just a 19-year-old boy, and now all hell was breaking loose: the enemy was hitting from all sides, and there was no way out of this trap. But, he managed to survive. Today, Don is a 94-year-old veteran, and he's ready to share his breath-taking story.

He stood strong on both feet, made it out of the hellhole, recovered from the fire burns and hit the enemy back with everything he had. That day took the lives of more than a thousand brave members of the ship's crew, and only Don and 4 other guys were lucky enough to live to see another day. The medics wanted to cut his legs and hands, but he was determined to get back out there. In 1944, this extraordinary man got back on his feet and joined the fight once again. All the Gallant Men is one of the most inspiring, moving and patriotic memoirs of the year. Make sure to grab it before the end of 2016!

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