Alicia and Ilya married each other after a tragedy brought them together, but every single person in the neighborhood knew that their union wouldn't last for long. They grew up together, but now they're forced to file for a divorce. And that's when Nikolai, the man's brother, comes into the picture. He just came back to visit his grandma for one last time.

Back in the day, he messed around with Allie, woke up something infuriating inside of her, and then just left without even saying a proper goodbye. But now the guy makes her feel something different. She doesn't hate him anymore, even though she knows she should. She's got this sudden rush of emotions and a strong desire to be with him no matter what.

Alicia has been trying to get rid of that connection, to cut ties with Niko and to move on with her life, but - for some reason - she was never able to do that. It took her one single kiss years ago to fall in love with him. Now, Niko isn't planning to stay around for long, and she is not about to drop everything and follow him whenever he goes. After everything that they've all been through, foolin' around with each other is a pretty bad idea.

However, no matter how much we try to make ourselves believe in the lies well tell, the truth in our hearts is always stronger. We are defined by the choices that we make and the consequences are always there to deal with. Megan Hart talks about love, guilt, tragedy and happiness in the most daring, exciting way. The book is both emotionally strong and sexually intense. This is a heartfelt, heartbreaking and poignant story about the power of forgiveness and pure love.

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