all-the-little-liars-by-charlaine-harrisThe critics are calling All the Little Liars one of the greatest mystery thrillers of 2016, and all the praise is well-deserved. In fact, it's the brand-new addition to the Aurora Teagarden series by America's favorite writer, Charlaine Harris. She's been keeping the fans in the dark for a while, but now the official new chapter is finally here. Get ready to get "dragged" into a world full of suspense, tension, and mystery.

Aurora is having a wonderful time with her pregnancy, but soon a terrifying disaster shocks her tiny town in Georgia: 4 teenagers disappear into thin air - they were all seen on the soccer field in the morning. Among them was Phillip, the girl's 15-year-old little brother. The other two boys were his friends, and the fourth kid was an 11-year-old girl who just wanted to ride home from the soccer game in the afternoon.

Furthermore, the cops find a dead boy at the place where the four children were last seen. The local police start a county-wide investigation, hoping to find the kids safe and sound. At the same time, Aurora and her husband put their own methods to work. Maybe the disappearance had something to do with a bunch of bullies at the school? Or maybe someone kidnapped Aurora's brother because of her dad's huge debts?

And finally - maybe the children just embarked on an adventure and forgot to tell the grown-ups about it? But, when days go by, and there's no trace of them, the whole town starts to worry. Are the children still alive? Where are they? All the Little Liars is a perfect mystery novel to dive into on a cold winter night. Join Aurora and save her brother before it's too late!

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