All-The-Missing-Girls-By-Megan-MirandaAll the Missing Girls is a unique, engaging, masterfully-crafted, blood-chilling suspense thriller about 2 beautiful ladies who go missing 10 years apart from each other. This gripping tale is told in reverse, which making it a mighty page-turner. The international critics called this novel one of the best releases of 2016, and that means satisfaction is most definitely guaranteed.

Nicolette, a beautiful 28-year-old woman, returns to her hometown, roughly a decade after her BFF from the teenage years, Corinne, disappeared into thin air, without leaving a single trace behind. The girl wants to tie all the loose ends in her life and take care of her infirm dad. However, pretty soon she gets drawn into a brand-new adventure that involves the re-opening or the lost girl's case and a few flashes from the past that open up the wounds that could never truly heal.

The 10-year-old investigation questioned Nic, her boyfriend, Daniel, her brother, and Corinne's man - Jackie. And the simple fact is - only Nicolette has left the townlet; all the others stayed there for all this time. Daniel has a wife now, and the two are about to welcome their first baby into this world. Tyler is Annaleise's boyfriend (she lives right next to Nic). As for Jackson, he just works at the local bar.

Everything goes the way it's supposed to until Annaleise goes missing. That happens days after Nic's return to town, raising a lot of eyebrows. So, is the girl really involved in Annie's disappearing, or is someone trying to frame her? All the Missing Girls comes with turns, twists, a mighty cast of believable characters, and a gripping plot. Megan Miranda delivered a must-have!

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