Since her husband passed away, Bea has been barely getting by. She's lost everything after she was tricked by a telephone scam, so now she has no other choice but to leave her trailer. The only thing she's got left is her shabby old van with 2/3rd of the tank full and a feisty cat. Together, they go to the Pacific Ocean, hoping to get justice and get back what rightfully belongs to her.

It's been rough lately, but now it's finally time for the tide to turn. Meanwhile, Allie, a 15-year-old teenage girl, has her own struggles and obstacles to overcome: after they put her mom and dad behind bars for tax fraud, she's forced to live in a group home. And when a psycho-of-a-resident puts her life in danger, she runs away, not really knowing where she's headed. The kiddo has practically no home and no family until she meets Bea.

At first, they don't like and/or trust each other and becoming best friends is not a thought that crosses their minds. They just head towards the Ocean together. But the people that they come across on this life-defining journey inspire them to be more open and loving, and pretty soon they turn into something of a new family.

The newly-found friendship and bond make them see the or-so-not-perfect world from a different perspective - a different set of eyes, to be more precise. What started out as a complete disaster slowly transforms into an exciting trip with a soul mate. Allie and Bea is one of those books that you can read after a hard and stressful day at work and lighten up. It's uplifting, moving, motivating and well-written. Catherine Ryan Hyde is a pro when it comes to dramatic stories with happy endings - no doubt about that. So, if you're in that special kind of mood, be quick to buy a copy and dive into this hilarious journey.

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