Bella has always been obsessed with her step bro, Stefan - in the most unhealthy way. The girl knew that it was wrong to feel that way, but there was nothing she could do about it. The crush on her unbelievably hot and sexy brother drove her crazy. He's been there next to her for as long as she can remember. They spent the childhood and teenage years together, playing, laughing and exploring the world like one.

However, somewhere between all those childish feelings, Bella turned this pure relationship into something insane. It took Stefan one look at her to make her panties melt and her head start raging with all kinds of wrong thoughts. One touch could make her blush and burst into flames. And very soon his presence alone was unbearable for Bella, as all she wanted to do was rip his clothes off and ride him downtown.

So, she figured out that avoiding her stepbrother would be the best decision in this ridiculous situation. And, every time they did meet, she made herself act like an ill-mannered, cold-hearted minx, so that he would never even think that she could be falling for him. Yet, Bella soon found out that Stefan has been feeling the same way; it's just that he learned to control his passion and to treat her like the nice sister that she is.

But now, when they both have admitted their mutual attraction, is there really a way for them to go back to how they used to be before all of this, or is there no going back? As it turns out, there isn't: they spend a sizzling-hot night together, and Bella gets pregnant. Yes, knocked by her own brother. So, where do the siblings go from here? If you've been looking for a provocative, scandalous and smutty erotic novel, Lauren Landish's got you covered with Alpha's Baby!

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