alton-brown-everyday-cook-by-alton-brownAlton Brown is a prominent figure in modern-day cooking, as he's got several bestselling books behind his back, a couple of award-winning shows, ground-breaking live shows, et cetera, et cetera. He's a busy man, but he still found the time to give us the ultimate gift - the EveryDayCook. These last couple of years he's been cooking only for himself and his family/friends, not for big-time parties or anything like that.

Come to think of it, that's what a man (and a cook) is supposed to do - feed his fam and his own self. So, one fine day, when the man was just busy organizing his impressive collection of recipes, he came with the idea to pick the greatest ones he's got and make a personal cookbook that will be packed with the best of the best, the most delicious recipes he's ever seen. Eventually, he got carried away a bit, and the result is this wonderful cookbook.

Now, apart from all those delicious foods, you'll also find tons of useful info, a healthy dose of jokes, and, of course, an impressive line-up of high-res photos that will be a great addition to the recipes. As for the meals, they're carefully organized by time of day, so, you won't have to circle around them all a couple of times before you figure out which recipes are for the breakfast, and which ones are for the supper.

Alton Brown: EveryDayCook is a fine collection of 101 recipes - all tastier than you could ever imagine - and comes with priceless tips, tricks, methods, and, naturally, ingredients from one of the best cooks of the 21st century. Grab your copy at the local bookstore or online and enjoy!

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